Looking at Dome's Beach from El Faro Park

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 2010

It's been a busy month so far as we have had some friends and relatives visiting, a great opportunity to do so many of the things we've been putting off doing in and around Rincon.

Cyndi went horseback riding with Pinto R Us and had a blast! She said it was the most fun she's had since she's been here.  The group started at the Marina and rode north and onto the Domes trail near the Spanish Wall.  Cyndi said the horses had plenty of spirit and they were able to do a lot of galloping, but her favorite part was riding on the beach, I don't blame her, I get jealous every time I see a group pass me by on the 413, knowing they will soon be on the sand watching the sun fall into Desecheo as they mosey along the shore.

We also went to a waterfall in San Sebastian.  It was a little hard to find the trail, but some nice Sebastianos told us where to go.  The hike toward the fall is pretty easy, maybe 10-15 minutes, definitely worth the trip.  It's not a huge, gorgeous waterfall, but nice enough.  There's a nice pool below and plenty of spots to jump from, also a water cave if you're feeling real adventurous.

We went to a great party while Cyndi's mom was in town, (thanks Rosa!), and experienced our first pig roast.   Also met some great people, other bloggers, blog readers as well as neighbors, the house was 5 minutes way from ours.  It was a nice evening and a great chance for Cyndi's mom to see what a friendly town Rincon is.

We also went up to Rincon Pottery, the studio owned by our friends, Nick and Miri, for the first time.  Beautiful ceramic art, functional, looking forward to having more space so we start collecting,  thanks for the tour Miri.  The drive to the Rincon Pottery studio is a nice slice of the part of Rincon we don't get to see enough.  Beautiful hillside homes on large lots with amazing views, brightly painted houses with all types of fruit and decorative trees and more manicured landscaping than we see in Puntas.

We finally had breakfast at The English Rose and it definitely lived up to it's billing.  Hanging high above Tres Palmas, the restaurant patio has a beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding hillsides.  The food was not overly expensive and the best we've had since coming to Rincon.  Kicking ourselves for not trying it sooner.

While on the subject of restaurants, another great one is El Fogon de la Curva, a pig roast/fresh fish (yes, those are their specialties) bar and grill on the way out of Rincon, at the curve toward Anasco.  It is attached to a fish market where the owner will filet whichever fish he has caught that day (and still has left) for you.  The Dorado is fantastic, but goes quick, I tried the Parrotfish and it was very good as well.  But the restaurant is cheap and delicious, a nice combination.

The weather has been incredibly hot this week and the waves very small, so the dogs have been coming with us to the beach.  I picked the hottest week of the year to start painting the house, but at least it's not raining.