Looking at Dome's Beach from El Faro Park

Friday, June 17, 2011

Where to Stay in Rincon

When we first came to Rincon on a vacation we didn't know anything about where we should stay.  We found a flyer for the Lazy Parrot at EC bakery and decided to check it out.  Luckily that turned out to be a great decision, the Lazy Parrot gave us pool view room with a balcony and mini fridge, great bed and bathroom for about $120/night.  I don't know their prices now, but that I felt that was a great deal for what  we got.  Of course some people have other standards and in the mantra of Knowledge is Power, I'll try to semi-objectively write about a few lodging options in Rincon.

On the  website we break the town of Rincon into 4 areas and I think it's helpful to know what makes these areas different.  The North Coast is mostly Puntas and is the heart of the surfing scene.  It's hilly, so traveling can be rough without a car, but the beaches are some of the best for surfing.  There are also alot more vacation rentals here,  homes and apartments that are owned by snowbirds, available for rental mostly by the week.  The aforementioned Lazy Parrot is here too as is Casa Islena, a nice guest house on the beach near Antonio's that I would describe as classy.  A little further down the beach are Tamboo Beside the Point, which is on the beach and Casa Verde Guesthouse, both nice, but because they are in the heart of the action, can be noisy.  Pool Beach Cabanas are a little further down the road and to be honest, I haven't seen the rooms, but the pool and sushi bar is great.  As far as vacation rentals on North Coast, I am preferential to the Apartments at Pools Beach, because of the great location and  also because I help market the property.  But there are so many different properties for all sizes of groups.  Casa Grande is 2 huge properties side by side with a pool, walk to Sandy beach.    Pelican Point has a great location, but once again noise can be an issue, Rincon Surf Rental is in a townhome complex within walking distance of the beach and has a pool, nice and comfortable, sleeps up to 8 for a good price.  We manage their website as well as Oceanview Rentals which are up the hill further, 2 studios and a main house, the owner takes good care of the property.  Right next door is Vista del Mar apartment, nice budget places run by the Mayor of Puntas, Elier Lopez.  Elier and his daughter, Jennifer, also have many other properties in the Puntas and Ensenada areas.  The Surf House Apartments rent more longer term and are very nice, Suites at 413 is on the 413, very cool, with a small pool.  Casa Azul is a big property on the hill with 3 levels of villas and the Boarding House is a guest house with 3 apartments and a built in surfing school.

Just down the hill from Puntas toward the downtown is the Sunset Coast, mostly Ensenada, Tres Palmas Marine reserve to Maria's Beach and the hills above, great beaches for surfing and snorkeling.  No hotels, mostly vacation rentals as well, but one of the best properties in Rincon, The Villa at Maria's Beach, a beautiful beachfront complex, great for weddings.  I also like Casa por Fin Tres Palmas because it is beachfront, secluded with a pool.  These place are pricey, but sleep large groups and do it right.  Up the hill from the beach are The English Rose, known for its great breakfasts, but a nice property with a pool and Villa Quiles, a gay-friendly guest house with several nicely furnished apartments.

The 3rd of's area of Rincon is Downtown and the Marina, better known for restaurants than lodging.   The Blue Boy Inn is a very nice guesthouse near the Marina with a pool and from what I hear very good breakfast.  There are several condo developments near the Public beach, but I don't know much about their rentals. 

This brings us to the Rincon's Caribbean Coast, where the beaches are calmer and better for swimming than surfing.  There are no hills, so walking or cycling can be your mode of transportation.  8th and Ocean is a modern, new property on the beach that has 4 villas for 4-22 people.  Nearby with a pool is Beachside Villas, a classic beach house that gets great reviews.  The Pineapple Inn is a guest house with a pool where service is excellent.  Casa Vista del Mar is up the hill with beautiful views and 5 small, comfortable apartments.  Villa Orleans is a secluded house with beachfront and a small pool in a tropical landscape.  Tres Sirenas is a nice guest house with a great location on the beach near Rincon of the Seas, a resort property with a great swim-up bar, but rooms that don't quite measure up.  The Rincon Beach Resort is a beautiful property with great rooms, but pretty far away from everything else, maybe good if you don't want to leave the property.  Likewise for the Horned Dorset, Rincon's most famous hotel (and most expensive).