Looking at Dome's Beach from El Faro Park

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Workshops in Rincon

The fairly recent trend of shared workplaces and workshops has begun to take hold here in Rincon, a couple of new businesses have opened recently that will try to make shared business and work spaces available to those seeking less rent and overhead while fostering a creative environment.

The Cube has been in operation since May this year.  It is above the La Paz yoga studio near the Rincon Plaza and functions as a workspace for those who need an office space, but prefer to rent on a daily or weekly basis and save money on overhead and other business services by sharing the load with others.  It's a great addition for Rincon residents, seasonal inhabitant and tourists.  787-464-2952

Taller Caribe "offers work and gallery space for artists and artisans looking for commercial storefront exposure, without having to invest all the time and resources required of opening a shop in PR."  It is located on the Rincon plaza and will officially open October 5th.  It's a great opportunity for artists to share the costs associated with having a studio and it's in a great location, another great addition to the Rincon plaza and art scene. If you’re interested in forming part of this project in any way, or want to get more information, feel free to contact Anthony Smith Rodríguez, or 787-407-1940.

I hope these ideas take hold.  Rincon is a seasonal town and it is difficult for businesses to make it on their own here, having like minded people around to support and help carry the load could help Rincon grow through individual ideas, strengthened by community.